About us


クラウン - Kuraun (Crown)

- How it all started -

Kuraun started out in the sketchbooks, i kept finding myself drawing and sketching out ideas in my notebook, every single day. Drawings, words anything that could put my thoughts inside my notebook. So i would have a visual image of what the design was. This went on for a whole year, while i dedicated everything to make this a reality, i learned everything i could about clothing in general, and studied everything i could, talked with as many as possible. 

There comes a time where you have to put ideas to reality, into actual ''pieces'' pieces that represents what you have been thinking off this whole time, and i when i received my first prototype, and holding it in my hands, i knew at that very moment, that i will do whatever it takes, to make this a reality.

So far into my journey, it has been hard. It is sleepless nights, thinking ''what if nobody wants to''- thoughts and the most important one, that keeps me grounded is ''what if everything was taken away from you today?'' 

It is scary going out into the world with something that means a lot to you, because in reality you dont control anything once it goes out to the world, The people that i have met so far, and the people i will meet in the future, Let's cheers for more blessings.

-  クラウン -

Japan will always have a special place in my heart, there is something about the Japanese culture, folklore's and the old art, that is incredibly mesmerizing. Kanji has a special type of power, that draws attention towards the ''kanji'' it looks incredible in any type of settings. 

 - The goal -

One thing i am certain of is that i want Kuraun to go to a place where people celebrate together. Designing a Kuraun shop, a pop up shop, and meeting people in general that loves the brand. That Kuraun comes to a place, where we can do whatever we want. Big dreams, i hope one day will come to reality.            



     - Let's celebrate bringing the brand far together - 
Stay ninja,